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Using natural language processing to help new managers become stronger communicators

How we helped

Making soft skills stronger

Communication skills are like muscles: the more you use them, the stronger they get. To help new managers hone their communication skills during tough conversations, the client asked Launch by NTT DATA to turn their learning and development web app concept into reality.

The ask
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Executing a bold vision

The client had a precise vision: leverage cutting edge language AI techniques and a sleek web app interface in a coaching tool that would give professionals a way to practice engaging in difficult conversations. The interactive app would provide real-time feedback through practice conversation.

Artificial Intelligence. Real innovation.

Launch by NTT DATA brought a product-focused team to develop a web app interface and backend, while simultaneously building AI predictive services to drive the app’s core functionality. Using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) machine learning techniques, the app models and compares trainee responses to expert responses and gives instant feedback to trainees on how they can improve.

Launch by NTT DATA also leveraged cloud cognitive services to convert trainee recorded audio into text transcripts for NLP analysis. The MVP launched after six months, and the team incorporated real user feedback to improve the AI system.

Growth through automated learning

Launch by NTT DATA supported the growth phase with a smaller team who hardened the engineering and technology components while continuously improving the AI modeling processes. Through automated ML Ops techniques, incorporating novel data, and comparing model efficacy over time—the app has scaled from one to hundreds of L&D conversations, without manual, technical ML intervention.

The impact

Went from concept to reality on a learning development tool in just 6 months. Hundreds of manager conversations analyzed and improved using automated ML techniques.


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