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Our mission is simple

We exist to help you strategize, ship, and scale provocative digital experiences that connect with your customers and drive growth.

Who we are:

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An accelerator to propel you from idea inception to long-term execution
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An honest, thorough, and efficient partner
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A change agent that can evolve how you create, deploy, and expand products
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A force to ensure your bold visions are fueled by repeatable success
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A stable, continuous team to see efforts through from start to finish

Who we’re not:

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A low-cost body shop full of order takers
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A strategy firm pushing big ideas that can’t be built
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A creative agency that’s only focused on margins and billable hours
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A faceless firm primarily concerned with staffing
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A consultancy that throws things “over the wall” to a revolving team of resources

Launch is different by design

Continuous team
Great collaboration relies on strong relationships. You'll work with a core team from start to finish, adding specialized experts as needed to execute.
Software over slides
We focus primarily on delivering working software early and often. We also recognize the importance of powerful storytelling, and we’ll invite you inside the process from start to finish.
Honest challengers
True partnership is built on a willingness to challenge and be challenged. We’ll help you push boundaries by engaging in constructive debates that inspire us to make better decisions, together.
Pragmatic visionaries
We take the best parts of startup culture — high velocity, an MVP mindset, frequent releases — and adapt them to your world. No magical thinking, just real results.
No size fits all
We meet you where you are and plan together. Every product has different needs and obstacles. We'll identify and solve your unique challenges while building on proven technologies.
How we help you
Working with launch

Three words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a lot more. Our clients only needed three words to describe what it's like to work with our team.

Ready to innovate faster, increase efficiency, and minimize risk?

Using our Aim, Engage, Grow model, Launch by NTT DATA helps you ideate, release, and sustain innovative, amazing products from start to finish.

Aim with precision

Reduce the risk of failure by solving real business and user needs.

We blend idea pipelines and market analysis with design thinking and user research to help you identify, research, experiment, validate, and plan for a successful product launch by:

  • Qualifying your market opportunity
  • Clearly defining the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Gaining insights directly from customers
  • Setting success criteria and KPIs
Ready to aim?

Engage with confidence

Prove your product is relevant to your target audience.

MVPs allow you to move quickly, analyze user needs, and iterate based on real feedback and data before building your full product. We help accelerate the process to put your tech in the hands of your customers by:

  • Scoping and defining your most effective MVP
  • Designing and developing an elegant digital experience
  • Gathering continuous user feedback
  • Crafting a clear and pragmatic product roadmap
Ready to engage?

Grow with intent

Build trust, loyalty, and scale while you increase market share.

Let's be real. Most products fail if they’re static. Products need to continuously evolve, constantly adapting to meet changing user and business needs. We’ll help you maximize your wins by:

  • Driving user adoption
  • Analyzing data to inform growth opportunities
  • Broaden the user base through new releases
  • Build business platforms to make creating new products seamless and cost-effective
Ready to grow?
Case studies

Our clients are the companies and services that make the world go round. They build community, streamline public transit, respond to emergencies, and teach with AI.

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