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Innovation OS is a roadmap for programmatic innovation at enterprise companies. It’s relentlessly anchored in ROI and business value.
Our customized program guides you through distinct phases, each focusing on a set of core objectives leading toward an enterprise program rollout.

Along the way, we’ll work with you to take your unique management, organizational, communication, and infrastructure needs into account. Our dedicated team will engage your internal champions and additional Launch resources to help ensure seamless execution. You achieve an innovation program for all, not for the siloed few.

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Benefits of Innovation OS

Our focused collaboration and foundational research overcomes objections, sets direction, and prepares teams for transformation.
Build innovation muscle
New habits take deliberate practice. Our Innovation Operating Model is a consistent path forward.
Explore with purpose
Explore emerging technologies, business model reinvention, and new products & services that create top-line revenue opportunities.
Tackle ambiguity
Making choices on what to pursue can be really hard. Our program makes it clear which opportunities deserve more investment and time.
Create & measure impact
Develop KPIs with the business. Distill data and measure real, reportable success.
Drive culture
Adopt an innovative mindset to create the organizational culture you want.
Go. Go. Go. Faster
Acquire new competencies to avoid waste, move fast, learn quick, and unlock value.




The enterprise murders great ideas with a smile

Having ideas is not the problem. Most companies want to innovate but they don’t know what to do. Teams need more than advice. You need a tangible, actionable roadmap to follow. A way to assess and prioritize ideas, build them without breaking the business, and then measure their impact to take the next right step. That’s Innovation OS.

Innovation is a trap when it’s disconnected from the business.

Avoid the trap.

Don’t just trust your gut. Use five critical questions to measure and rank the value of opportunities, so you can move forward with confidence.

“Does the business want this? Does the end user want this?”
This tests if we are solving the right problem, meeting the needs of the business, AND the end user perception of value.
“Can we do this?”
This ranks the idea on key technical dependencies - maturity, specifications, and readiness for execution.
“Should we do this?”
This considers key business metrics, looking at your value chain for economic impact and sustainability.
“Can we realize this?”
Do you have the right people, skills, and partners to do this? This tests your ability to successfully or efficiently execute requirements.
“Are we aligned on this?”
This assesses how an idea aligns with existing company strategy. It ranks its strategic and operational effectiveness to fulfill a long term purpose.

A roadmap for repeatable innovation

A robust and structured approach used to generate and rapidly scale innovative concepts




Uncover all great ideas so nothing falls through the cracks. We’ll give structure to the brainstorming process.




Break down innovation efforts using key questions to make the best predictable decision.


Prototype/ MVP


Prototype/ MVP
Design, conduct, and document brief experiments to gain knowledge and confidence.




Step out of the “lab” and into more “real world” scenarios, bringing other parts of the organization in.




Scale your best ideas and operationalize innovation across the organization.




Promote wins & broadcast tangible results, always focused on business value.

There’s a difference between innovation theater...

and actually building a culture of innovation.

Pockets of innovation vs. systematic change
One-off attempts burn goodwill and buy-in. A program that transforms how your company approaches and executes innovation creates lasting change.
Cool kids vs. culture club
When innovation is done the wrong way, it breeds resentment. We'll help you create a culture of innovation for all—inclusive and connected to the business.
Lip service vs. new products & services
Innovation theater is tragic. We’ll help you build ideas that create actual value and impact your bottom line.

Innovation done differently

We’ll be your honest challengers. If it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, we’re probably not pushing ourselves.
Business value obsessed
No silos, no pet projects.This is innovation anchored in ROI, tied directly to business value, and measured by KPIs that keep us all honest.
Dense (in a good way)
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can plug into a system that gives you a path forward, tailored to fit your organization.
Inertia blasting
We won’t steamroll you, but we understand what keeps enterprises stuck. We’ve got a plan to bust through organizational inertia to gain momentum.
Not for startups
You have a business and existing customers you can’t disrupt. We’ll innovate in a way that doesn’t cannibalize what’s made you successful.
New day, same people
You’ll work with a stable, continuous team to see innovation efforts through from start to finish. Do more with fewer partners.

Okay, but what do I actually get?

Less talk, more tangible deliverables. You can expect the following when you implement Innovation OS.
We’ll assess your current state of innovation maturity and chart a course forward together.
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Typical strategy deliverables:
Maturity index questions
Current state innovation maturity and 10-point assessments
Innovation operating framework
Future innovation operating vision and strategy
High-level innovation roadmap and rollout plans
Systematize innovation with process tools for pipeline and portfolio management.
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Typical management deliverables:
Inventory current product candidates
Innovation pipeline process
Innovation portfolio management framework
Metrics report and evolution plan
Ideation pipeline prioritization
Get people and structure aligned. Things like budget, staffing, support, and change management.
See examples
Typical organization deliverables:
Accountabilities, role descriptions and org charts
Recruitment/staffing plan and execution
Innovation framework, training & rollout support
KPIs and success metrics
Ease and speed internal comms. Create a consistent voice and cadence to celebrate progress.
See examples
Typical communication deliverables:
Communication guidelines
Establish communication channels and purposes
Custom brand kit
Technology reports
Virtual, physical, and business infrastructures that make innovation part of your machine.
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Typical infrastructure deliverables:
Digital tools inventory and recommendations
Physical spaces and experience inventory recommendations
Business context and mapping

We'll work together to create a culture of innovation
that's unique to your organization.​

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