frictionless enterprise

This book is for dissatisfied technology leaders

Frictionless Enterprise

A modern architecture to shred tech baggage and create perpetual momentum

Frictionless Enterprise is about overcoming the constant friction that brings your organization back to a state of rest. Part philosophy, part technical guide, the book is a framework to help you generate perpetual momentum. You’ll shift how you think about problem solving, break free of analysis paralysis, and discover a new path forward to build for the future.

Pick up this free resource and learn how to:

  • Overcome organizational muscle memory and the structural friction it creates
  • Think about your business as a platform so you can build new products faster at a lower cost
  • Avoid disrupting your current business while being asked to transform
  • Discover a strategic way of thinking about your technology landscape
  • Keep your IT spend as low as possible to free up more money to invest in the business
  • Build systems in such a way that when the change or disruption happens, you get to respond to it on your terms and timeline

The reality is that there will never be a good time for organizational change. Just start, and start now!

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