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Badge of honor

Elevating off-road adventures for the Jeep community

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A new adventure begins

Jeep owners purchase Jeeps for their unique off-roading capabilities and culture of adventure. Badge of Honor, a social platform, invites the Jeep community to find and conquer trails, earning physical badges to display on their vehicles and more.

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Tribal knowledge

Jeep wanted a custom social platform that aligned with their customer’s penchant for adventure and enhanced their best-in-category brand advocacy. By providing Jeep owners with unique ways to share their accomplishments and knowledge of amazing trails, the app would provide benefits to all sides.

Play anywhere

Given the lack of connectivity, while off-roading, extensive field testing was performed to ensure a seamless user experience through a unique on/offline mobile architecture. Special attention was paid to maintaining access to crucial information while on the adventure, by developing a unique back-end system devised to capture and cache user activity when no data signal is detected.

Inspiring Trail Blazers

22K active monthly users are constantly sharing new information, new ratings, new trails, and top tips through the Jeep Badge of Honor platform. Built for scale and fueled by a community of outdoor enthusiasts driving the social content, Jeep’s storied history and brand advocacy continues to grow.

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Jeep® Badge of Honor® puts the off-road experience in your hand, so you can join in ‘celebrating off-road enthusiasts who've chosen the road less traveled’ — anywhere and everywhere you go.