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What’s wrong with enterprise innovation and how to fix it

Innovation is hard. It’s ambiguous, complex, and not guaranteed. That keeps many companies from ever starting. Don’t let that be your story.

Join us for an interactive session with our innovation subject matter expert, Trevor Anulewicz, VP of Strategy. He’s implemented Launch’s Innovation Operating System at multiple Fortune 500 companies. Our Innovation OS framework gives you everything you need to be a market-changing organization on a repeatable basis.

Presented by
Trevor Anulewicz
VP of Strategy
Launch by NTT DATA
This webinar is for:
What you'll learn:
  • The hallmarks of innovation theater and why it’s such a seductive trap
  • Which internal forces keep enterprises from pushing innovation forward
  • How you can self-fund innovation through other strategic initiatives
  • Tips on how to consistently decide which ideas you should pursue
  • How companies spanning Energy, Manufacturing, and Transportation adopted and delivered through Innovation OS

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